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These are news articles and editorials on issues related to trade issues.




March 8. Trade Wins.

Wall Street Journal: Democrats should support Cafta for two fundamental reasons: First, the agreement is deeply in our national interest and will create, not destroy, jobs. Second, if the Democratic Party wants to regain the White House and control of Congress, it has to take pro-growth, pro-jobs positions on key issues, including trade agreements.




Dec 6. Trade Test for the Democrats.

Washington Post: The house Democrats are about to face a test of their commitment to America's international leadership, and therefore of their right to claim the political center. That test is tomorrow's vote on trade promotion authority, which is essential to the president's ability to negotiate trade deals.


Nov 29. Congress Should Put Trade On the Fast Track.

Wall Street Journal: The benefits of trade hardly need illuminating. America's exports accounted for approximately one-third of our extraordinary economic growth over the past decade, and exports now support over 12 million American jobs (nearly three million more than a decade ago). Jobs supported by exports typically pay 13% to 18% more than comparable employment.


Oct 31. Fighting for America's Economy With Free Trade.

An excellent article from the Heritage Foundation on the importance of increased trade to our economic growth.


Aug 9. Big Labor's dishonest war on Nafta.

Wall Street Journal: People have been led to believe that it's all about "road safety," the argument being that Mexican trucks fail inspections at high rates and therefore would imperil U.S. highways. The holes in this argument can accommodate semis, but that hasn't stopped it from becoming the basis of a campaign against Mexican trade orchestrated by the Teamsters Union and the Democrats.


Aug 2. In Rebuttal, Mexicans Dispute Claim Their Trucks Are Unsafe.

New York Times: Experts on both sides of the border say opponents of Mexican trucking, including the Teamsters union, have marshaled safety statistics that on close examination are misleading or incomplete.


Aug 2. The Democrats' Mexican Roadblock.

Washington Post: Suddenly, it is the Democrats who -- as Republicans are prone to do with regard to immigration and English-only laws -- are advancing their own interests by sounding racist notions of Mexican inferiority. Suddenly, it is the Republicans who defend the disparaged by calling discrimination by its proper name -- as Democrats delight in doing when the issue at hand is affirmative action or racial profiling.


July 25. Bush to Congress: Deal fairly with Mexico.

White House: I urge Congress to deal fairly with Mexico and to not treat the Mexican truck industry in an unfair fashion; that I believe strongly we can have safety measures in place that will make sure our highways are safe. But we should not single out Mexico. Mexico is our close friend and ally and we must treat them with respect and uphold NAFTA and the spirit of NAFTA.


July 14. Mexican Truckers Protest Red Light at U.S. Border.

Washington Post. This is an issue that may be hard to follow, but it is a basically a fight between free-trade supporters vs. Unions, and between the friends of economic development in Mexico and Latin America vs. the friends of the AFL-CIO.


July 5. Big Labor's Big Wheels.

Wall Street Journal: President Bush wants to give Mexican trucks full access to U.S. highways, something they're clearly entitled to under the North American Free Trade Agreement. The roadblocks are special interests and a protectionist-minded Congress.