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Last modified: September 2009

These are news articles and editorials on issues related to prejudice or bigotry against Hispanics in a political setting or regarding politicians.




April 6.  White America shouldn't fear Spanish-language speakers.

Miami Herald. Letter to the editor. It saddens me that many individuals utilize arguments of language and culture to scare American citizens into believing that there is an agenda to take over ''white America.''


March 3.  Professor Huntington has short memory of past immigrants.

Dallas Morning News. Do you know why so many Americans can't seem to have a calm, mature and reasonable discussion about how best to reform U.S. immigration policy? It's because there are always going to be those people who think the problem isn't so much the quality of the policy but the quality of the immigrants.


Feb 26.  Racists will love 'Hispanic threat' book.

Miami Herald. Racists in America must be having a field day: At long last, they have found a world-renowned intellectual -- Harvard's Academy for International and Area Studies Chairman Samuel Huntington -- to rationalize their resentment against America's rapidly growing Hispanic community.




April 19.  Hispanic Leaders Condemns the Irresponsible Statements by Congressman Tancredo of Colorado.

Press release by The Latino Coalition after some statement made by Congressman Tancredo were published.


Feb 20.  Memo to Buchanan: American culture isn't eroding.

Critical book review by Jonah Goldberg on Pat Buchanan "Death of the West".


Feb 18.  Looking Backward. Pat Buchanan's world.

Weekly Standard. Throughout, it is on the issue of race that Buchanan's book is at its ugliest. His view of Western civilization is irreducibly racialist. His argument that unchecked immigration spells the death of Western civilization makes sense only if he assumes that the assimilation of new immigrants is impossible.




Dec 3.  Are you assimilating?

Pedro Celis: Letter on Phyllis Schafly's article entitled "Is it assimilation or invasion?"


Dec 1.  Rebuttal to "Is it assimilation or invasion?

Marta Guevara: We're not just "assimilating", Phyllis….we are America! Just like you.