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These are news articles and editorials on issues related to Cuba.



April 23. Coddling Castro No Longer?.

Wall Street Journal. The European left is having one of its sudden flashes of the obvious. They are coming around to the view that Fidel Castro is not such a good egg after all and that he may be depriving Cubans of their basic freedoms, when not their lives.


April 18. Once Again, We Learn There Is No 'New' Fidel.

Most recent repression in Cuba cause canceled HBO movie "Comandante" and an article from the Wall Street Journal.


April 10. Disappearing into a Caribbean gulag.

An article on the most recent repressions in Cuba from the British weekly "The Economist", another one from the Miami Herald and a cartoon from the LA Times.




Aug 6. Cuba travel advisory.

Wall Street Journal Editorial after the House of Representatives voted to lifted the ban on travel to Cuba.


Jan 25. The Charmer and the Torturer.

Three different articles critical of gullible public figures that visit Cuba and praise the work of the Castro regime.