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Last modified: September 2009

These are news articles and editorials on issues related to education and educational opportunities for Hispanics.




Aug 15. Signs that NCLB is Working.


The Oregonian. Nearly two-thirds of Oregon schools met education standards, showing the way for the rest to follow.




April 9. Final Report on Education Excellence for Hispanics.


The Final Report of the Commission for Education Excellence for Hispanics contains six specific recommendations.


March 26. The Voucher Realignment.


Wall Street Journal. The Colorado voucher bill is modest. But it represents a powerful signal that Coloradans are tired of sacrificing their children to an education establishment that deprives them of what this bill hopes to help provide: a school system that actually teaches.


Feb 24. Planting the seeds of educational success.


Seattle Times: Students who finish high school in our state will be able to attend college in our state paying in-state tuition rates; even if they are not U.S. Citizens and attend on student visas or other permits. The legislation was approved on the Washington State house and still needs to be approve in the state senate.




Oct 11. Bilingual Balderdash.

Four years after Californians voted to all but scrap "bilingual education," the results are remarkable. You'd think this evidence would cause other states to oppose this form of ethnic separatism, but too many politicians are dodging the issue.


July 15. Yo si Puedo, Yes I can.

Bilingual press release from the White House on a new bilingual web-site to help Hispanic parents make college a reality for their children.


June 29. No child left behind.

Message sent when the Supreme Court decision ruling the Cleveland school voucher program constitutional.


Feb 22. Voucher fight is about money and power.

An editorial by Ruben Navarrette with a Hispanic viewpoint on School Vouchers.


Feb 20. Our Board vs. Brown.

An article from the Wall Street Journal, links to other articles and Hispanic poll results on the topic of school choice and their impact on the educational opportunities afforded to minority children.


Jan 24. Washington State Senate Higher Education Bills.

Press release by the WRNHA in support of education bill that will charge in-state tuition rates to all graduates of the state's high schools regardless of their immigration status.




Dec 20. Schools face language gap.

The news Tribune: The percentage of Hispanic schoolteachers lags far behind the exploding number of Hispanic students across the state and in several South Sound districts, according to a Hispanic education group.


Aug 16. 'Soft Bigotry' Can Hold Kids Back in School, Bush Says.

Albuquerque Journal: President George W. Bush stood in one of the poorest, yet highest-achieving, schools in Albuquerque on Wednesday and said the nation must "challenge the soft bigotry of low expectations."


Aug 5. Why School Often Stops Too Soon for Hispanics.

Daily Herald: Hispanics are the only ethnic group expected to experience an increase in high school dropouts in the next decade, according to a new report exploring the issue.


April 22. Students with Hopes, Dreams ... and No Opportunities.

For many of this year's high school graduates in Western Washington, the message to work and study hard is fruitless and the opportunity of an education beyond high school is doubtful.


April 5. Immigrant Students Left in the Lurch.

Washington Post Writer Group: It may be that school officials aren't as worried about immigrant students' abilities as they are of others discovering their inability to teach those students. In addition to low expectations, part of the problem is an over-reliance on bilingual classes, where Spanish-speaking students especially can be warehoused for years.