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These are news articles and editorials on issues related to Hispanics appointed to serve at the national or state level.



June 8. An American Success Story-Gonzales

San Francisco Chronicle. Alberto Gonzalez neither hides nor flaunts ethnicity.

May 9. Anniversary of Latino Nominee Brings Sadness to our Community

Miguel Estrada, an Honduran immigrant was the first judicial appointee ever denied a vote in Senate by filibusters.

April 29. El Gurú Cibernético de Bush

El Universal. El Universal, Mexico City's largest circulation newspaper, did this profile about Pedro Celis' work at Microsoft and in the PITAC. In Spanish.




Nov 30.  Bush Nominates Kellogg Executive for Commerce Secretary.

New York Times. President Bush nominated Carlos M. Gutierrez, among the most prominent Hispanic business executives in the United States, to be his commerce secretary.

Nov 4.  The Bush Mandate.

WSJ. Justice Miguel Estrada, and other second-term possibilities.

Sept 13.  Es mexicano la base de SQL en Microsoft.

El Norte. Article in Spanish of Pedro Celis, Microsoft SQL Server Architect who is originally from Monterrey Mexico and was appointed by President Bush to serve in the PITAC (President's Information Technology Advisory Committee).

April 12.  Miami man is top Bush campaigner.

Miami Herald. Rudy Fernandez, a Cuban who grew up in Miami, is one of the top operatives in the reelection campaign of President Bush.




Sept 5.  A Wake-Up Call.

WSJ. We failed Miguel Estrada and allowed Senate Democrats to erect a glass ceiling.

May 26. U. S. treasurer mulls running for U. S. Senate in California.

Pasadena Star: Rosario Marin, the first naturalized citizen to become U. S. Treasurer will be leaving that post in June, and the expectation is that she will challenge Barbara Boxer for the U.S. Senate.

May 19. Bush's Supreme Challenge.

Time Magazine: Will Alberto Gonzales be our next Supreme Court Justice? Bush has his eye on a mysterious, unassuming man.

May 13.  Bush Administration Official Has Come A Long Ways.

Yakima Herald-Republic: Daniel Garza, a former Toppenish police officer and city councilman, a proud Republican who works for President George W. Bush as the Department of the Interior's deputy director for external and intergovernmental affairs.

March 10.  We the (Hispanic) People.

Wall Street Journal article By Henry Bonilla, Lincoln Diaz-Balart, Mario Diaz-Balart, Devin Nunes, and Ileana Ros-Lehtinen. The Democratic filibuster against federal appellate court nominee Miguel Estrada has been nothing less than a partisan assault on the goal of achieving diversity in our nation's highest public institutions.   

March 10.  Washington State Senate asks U.S. Senate to confirm Miguel Estrada.

Press release by the Washington State Senate in support of the Estrada nomination.

March 7. Democrats take judicial confirmation battles to a new low.

A statement by the President expressing his disapproval of the Senate vote to continue to filibuster.  An article by the Wall Street Journal explaining that this is not business as usual. A Washington State Republican Party press release on the Estrada nomination.

March 7. Cantwell, Murray fight Estrada vote.

An article from Columbian on Washington Senators opposition to Estrada, An editorial on the Seattle Times by WRNHA members Tony Tocora and Steve Cuevas, A news article on the Seattle Times with coverage of the rally in support of Estrada in Seattle.

March 3. Coup Against the Constitution.

A cartoon and two articles on the importance of the Estrada nomination to the presidency.

Feb 28. Support for Miguel Estrada Across the Country.

Editorial boards and writers across the nation continue to voice their opposition to the Estrada filibuster in articles over this holiday weekend.

Feb 26.  President Calls for Action on Judicial Nominee.

Two interesting articles (Fox News and Washington Times) on how the opposition to Estrada is a travesty. Miguel Estrada is the first Hispanic ever to be nominated for the D.C. circuit court of appeals.

Feb 24. Washington House Democrats block move asking U.S. Senate for Estrada confirmation.

Press release by Washington State Representative  Mary Skinner in support of legislation to urge the U. S. Senate to approve the nomination of Miguel Estrada.

Feb 22. Judgment call: Appellate nominee inflames Democrats.

Seattle Times: "If the Democrats defeat him, boy are they handing Bush a campaign issue to use in the Hispanic community".

Feb 14. Bush Picks Latina for Appeals Court.

San Jose Mercury News. In a move that could bolster Latino representation on the nation's largest federal appeals court, President Bush on Thursday nominated Consuelo Maria Callahan to the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

Feb 14. Delay on Estrada: Democratic debacle.

Boston Herald Editorial: Apparently what truly scares the living daylights out of Senate Democrats is that such a high-profile judgeship would surely put him in line to become the first Hispanic to serve on the U.S. Supreme Court.

Feb 6.  Blocking a judge because he's Hispanic .

Wall Street Journal: If Democrats want to filibuster, Republicans should keep the debate going, for weeks if need be. Democrats who refuse even to give Mr. Estrada a confirmation vote should be made to pay a political price.

Feb 5. Filibustering Judges.

Washington Post Editorial: Mr. Estrada's nomination in no way justifies a filibuster.


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