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These are news articles and editorials on efforts by political parties to attract Hispanic voters or on the importance of this voting population.




Aug 22. African American, Hispanic pastors lead the charge against gay marriage.

Some articles and poll data on the views of Hispanic on "Gay Marriage" and how they align with the political parties position on it.


May 21. Survey: GOP gains among Hispanics.

Results of two polls showing the shifts of Hispanics toward the Republican party. They are America's poorest, least educated and hardest-working minority group.


April 24. Pro-abortion politicians 'not fit' for communion, Vatican says.

Seattle Times. Democratic Presidential candidate John Kerry, a practicing Catholic, supports abortion in opposition to his faith and the mainstream views of Hispanics.


April 19. Hispanics and their use of English and Spanish media.

A sample of the articles published on the release of The Pew Hispanic Center survey on Hispanics' opinions of the news media.


April 5. Hispanics' varying views yield surprises.

Miami Herald. A poll commissioned by The Herald shows that Hispanic Americans differ widely on views and values and are not a monolithic target for political parties.




April 8. Support for War Grows Among Hispanics.

Reuters. A full 61 percent of Hispanics said they supported the war and 27 percent were opposed, according to the April 3-6 survey, compared with a 70 percent backing and 27 percent opposition in the general public.




Oct 3. Hispanics Ambivalent About Loyalty to Major Political Parties.

U.S. Department of State. New survey finds support for Democrats broad but shallow.


Oct 3. Hispanic Voters hard to Profile.

New York Times. Though Hispanic voters identify more with Democrats than they do with Republicans, they have little party loyalty and defy easy categorization on issues like taxes and abortion.


Aug 20. Survey shows Latino voters are up for grabs.

The Latino Coalition releases results of its annual poll.





May 10. Latin melting pot.

Seattle Times: The new data suggest that Hispanics may now be more inclined to view themselves as united under a common identity, he said.