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Last modified: September 2009

These are news articles and editorials on issues that affect the economic prosperity of all Americans or Hispanics in particular.




June 19. Real Tax Cuts Have Curves.

Wall Street Journal. Lowering the tax rate on production, work, investment and risk-taking will spur more of these activities and will often lead to more tax revenue collections for the government rather than less.


April.  Reform Social Security.

Hispanic Online Magazine. Latinos have a big stake in the outcome of this policy fight.


March 30.  Social Security: A Tale of Two Problems.

Our social security crisis can be best understood by ignoring all the confusing “fixes” and focusing on the two distinct problems at its core.




Sept 22.  Hispanic Youth to America's Rescue?.

The Globalist. The future well being of the retirees rests on the shoulders of the Hispanic youth in a disproportion fashion; it is in our own self-interest to see that this is a growing and competent workforce.


July 8.  Latinos a key to economic development.

Gannett Wisconsin. As the President Bush’s point man for small business, Hector Barreto spoke to me recently about the six-point economic plan of the administration




May 11.  Bush extols House tax-cut plan.

A cartoon by Ramirez and two articles from the Miami Herald (one in Spanish) on the importance of passing the House version of the tax-cut bill.


April 22.  Tax Cuts Support Hispanic-Owned Firms.

Hispanic Business. The White House economic growth plan, which includes a number of tax cuts, would be beneficial to Hispanic-owned businesses, because the small-business owner generally is not incorporated and pays the individual income tax.




Dec 17.  Hispanics Would Disproportionately Benefit from Social Security Choice.

Cato Institute. The fact that the current system does not allow for the creation of wealth and instead diverts income into the payroll tax, which is the biggest tax that most Hispanic households pay, is holding back Hispanics.


Jan 8. Democrats dispute Daschle.

Washington Times article on democrats distancing themselves from comments made by Daschle critical of the Bush Tax-Cuts.




Dec 18.  Hispanics support President’s Bush's economic plan.

Washington RNHA: The economy could sure use a stimulus bill right about now -- a bill aimed at encouraging investment, capital spending, and business hiring. Democrats are letting politics trump economic growth and are instead larding their version of a stimulus bill with tens of billions of dollars of special interest pork.


Oct 26.  Business in Hispanic Areas Proves More Resilient Than Elsewhere.

Wall Street Journal: Retail sales are down, consumer confidence is depressed, and most economists agree the U.S. is in or near a recession. But at Ramirez Ford, business is booming.