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These are news articles and editorials on issues related to education and educational opportunities for Hispanics.




May 27. Hispanic voters had record turnout in '04.

Tri-City Herald: Hispanic voters turned out in record numbers in the November 2004 election, extending a trend that has seen them increase their influence in the last four presidential elections.


April 4. Bush Democrats.

WSJ: Analysis of Hispanic voting patterns based on new data that breakdowns results by congressional district.


Jan 29. The Political Evolution of Hispanics.

Reno Gazette-Journal: Insightful comments by Ellie Lopez-Bowlan on why Hispanics are shifting to the Republican Party.




Nov 18. Democrat slams Kerry on Hispanic outreach.

Seattle P-I and USA Today: Two articles on the democrats view on the realignment of Hispanics toward the Republican party.


Nov 15. Hispanic Candidates for U.S. Congress Election Results.

Hispanic Business: Election results for all Hispanic candidates running for U.S. Congress in 2004.


Nov 11. Hasta la vista Democrats.

Raoul Contreras analysis of the election results.


Nov 8. Hispanics for Jorge.

WSJ: Democrats are rubbing their eyes in disbelief not just at President Bush's success across America, but also about the fact that a major group they thought would stay on the liberal plantation forever is making a getaway. As they escape out the back door, members of this group are saying "hasta la vista, baby."


Nov 4. Hispanic vote was key.

NY Post. Dick Morris' analysis of the election and the determining role of the Hispanic electorate.


Nov 3. America has spoken!.

Analysis of exit poll data on how Hispanics voted in the 2004 presidential election. Includes links to results for each state and a Washington State drill down.




Nov 19. Republicans and Their Amigos.

Weekly Standard. GOP no longer stands for the gringos-only party. Hispanic support for GOP candidates in New York and elsewhere.


Nov 7. Disillusioned blacks hurt Democrats.

Washington Times: Article contains interesting statistics on Hispanic voters support for Republican candidates nationwide. Black voters weren't impressed with Democratic candidates' messages this year, but Latino voters were with Republicans.


Nov 7. Bush wins Hispanic support; McBride fails to woo black voters.

Orlando Sentinel: Florida election returns show that Democrat-leaning Hispanic voters crossed party lines to give Florida Governor Jeb Bush his second term.