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These are news articles and editorials on issues related to elections, Hispanic Voters and Hispanic Candidates.




March 30.  GOP candidate thrives on family values and her Hispanic heritage.

Rockford Register Star. An article on Gloria Cardenas Cudia, Chairman of the Winnebago RNHA chapter in Illinois. You can read more about the Illinois RNHA at www.ilrnha.org.


March 3.  Power PACs.

Hispanic Business. Hispanic political action committees contributed over $1.8 million to candidates in the 2003-04 election cycle, nearly triple the total from the 2000 presidential election. Still, Hispanic PAC activity represents only a trickle of money in comparison to the Hispanic voting population.




Oct 25.  Fox News video about close race in the CA 47th.

Fox News. A report on how the Republican Party has a large number of Hispanic candidates running for congress and featured Alexandria Coronado who is a close race in southern California.


July 8. A tale of 2 trial lawyers.

Orlando Sentinel. Both men have that down-home charm and populist appeal. They came from humble beginnings, worked hard and achieved. And both are seen by many in their respective political parties to be the key to the White House in at least one pivotal state -- Florida. But that's where the similarities end.


June 20.  Hispanic Republicans surge in California.

Washington Times. There are seven Hispanic Republicans challenging Democratic incumbents for congressional seats and another dozen or so running for the state Assembly.


May 11.  Senator Martinez?.

National Review. Former HUD chief makes a run.


April 5.  Un Nuevo Día?.

WSJ. The chairman of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus loses. That's bad news for liberal Democrats.




March 30.  Health department chief studying run for Washington governor.

Tacoma Tribune. Federico Cruz-Uribe, the director of the Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department, says he is considering joining Reichert and Stanton as a Republican candidate for governor in 2004.




Aug 7.  Republicans push minority candidates.

The Republican Party has its largest-ever field of non-incumbent minorities seeking top offices this fall, with party leaders touting 20 black and 39 Hispanic candidates in federal and major state elections.


June 4.  A tough race in Texas.

Linda Chavez article on the Texas Governor race and Democrat candidate Tony Sanchez.


May 30.  Hispanic Challenging in Political Arena.

Four Hispanics vie for congress for the seat from the newly created District 25 in southern Florida.


Feb 20. Oregon Latinos answer call to politics.

Hispanics in Oregon getting involved in state races.




Dec 2.  Brown wins mayoral nail-biter.

Houston Chronicle: Sanchez challenge falls short.


Nov 29.  Houston mayoral race as face of future politics.

Others see this race as the beginning of a new political era, one that foretells the look of local politics across the United States. After last month's mayoral race led to a run-off election, Houston became the first major US city to pit an African-American against a Hispanic.


Nov 26. Hispanic voters moving toward a new political era.

Houston Chronicle: In the Los Angeles mayoral election last summer, the New York contest two weeks ago and in Houston's ongoing fight for the city's top job, Latino candidates have gotten within striking distance of making history.


Nov 8.  Hispanic Candidates Fared Well in Tuesday's Elections.

Hispanic Business: Hispanic candidates made a good showing in Tuesday's elections, including mayoral wins in Austin, Texas, and Hartford, Connecticut.