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Last modified: September 2009

These are news articles and editorials on efforts by political parties to attract Hispanic voters or on the importance of this voting population.




June 15.  Liberals don't know what to do with nondeferential minorities.  Seattle Times.

June 6.  Why Latinos Are Walking Out on the Democrats. LA Times.

April.  Values Are at Core of Freedom. Lakeland Magazine: A nice profile of Alci Maldonado, Florida RNHA secretary

March 4.  Fighting dirty for the black vote. Town Hall: The Democrats' answer has been to stoke racial animosity .




Nov 27.  Republicans working to bring Hispanics into the fold. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Nov 10.  Hispanic voters paint a new picture. USA Today: a recognition of the political prominence of Hispanics

Oct 31.  Campaigns woo Hispanics for crucial votes. Washington Times: Virginia RNHA members election activities covered.

Oct 1.  Bush, Kerry debate stirs passions. Tri-City Herald: Central Washington RNHA members support President Bush.

Sept 6.  Race is on for the Washington Latino vote. Seattle Times: Pedro Celis and Antonio Ginatta.

May 14.  Central Florida Hispanic Vote could be key in that state. Orlando Sentinel: Nancy Acevedo, Florida RNHA.

May 12.  News from Mississippi and Georgia RNHA. Clarion Ledger: News coverage on the work of two RNHA members.

May 6.  GOP, Democrats court Latino vote, which could decide election. Seattle Post Intelligencer.

April 6.  GOP convert puts Demos on notice.  Salt Lake City Tribune: actively engaging Latino voters.




April 29.  Hispanics amassing political clout. Democrat and Chronicle: Latinos build civic awareness, momentum.

March 14.  Politicos Court Hispanic Vote.  Fox news. Presidential candidates  are brushing up on their Spanish 2004 elections.




Nov 25.  Republicans and Their Amigos.  Weekly Standard. GOP no longer stands for the gringos-only party.

Oct 13.  Democrats, Republicans take notice as Hispanic vote continues to grow.  Seattle Times.

Sept 28.  Polyglot Politics.  World Magazine. GOP learning to speak the political language. Can you say "pro-life" in Spanish.

Sept 9.  Hispanics may be hungering for GOP.  Results of a poll dispel 3 misconceptions regarding Hispanic's support for Bush.

Aug 8.  GOP and Dems vying for Hispanic Vote. Hispanic Business  article on parties effort to reach out to Hispanic voters.

Aug 7.  Tongue Tied.  Article describing each party's outreach effort to Hispanics.

May 31.  Democrats struggle to hold Hispanic Support.  The changing voting patterns and numbers of the Hispanic electorate.

May 30.  RNC Spanish Language Television Show.  "Why does a television program, which showcases Republican ideas and achievements, become demeaning once it is translated into Spanish?"

Jan 15.  Utah's GOP reaches out to Latinos.  Republican leaders in Utah said Monday they have embraced the "revitalization" of a state chapter of the Republican National Hispanic Assembly.




Dec.  No Political Pigeonhole. Hispanic Magazine: Hispanic voters attitudes cannot be taken for granted.

Dec 20.  Attacks Shelve GOP Effort to Woo Hispanics.  Since 911, Hispanics go from being courted to an afterthought.

Dec 3.  Doing the Latin Swing. The Weekly Standard: Latino voters are the Soccer Moms of the new decade.

Oct 5.  Terror Sets Back GOP with Hispanics. The changed political climate after 911 may be a setback for Republican.

Aug 7.  Hispanic Americans are the hottest commodity in politics. USA Today: Both political parties covet the Hispanic votes.

June 14.  A delicate Latino dance in GOP bastions.  Christian Science Monitor: Hispanic say GOP leaders making the right moves.

April 9.  Hispanic Voter Is Vivid in Parties' Crystal Ball.  NY Times. The battle is on among Democrats and Republicans.

March 15.  Hispanics find the GOP a welcoming sight. Hispanics getting comfortable with the new president.