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Last modified: September 2009

These are news articles and editorials on issues related to President Bush views about Hispanics and vice-versa.




Oct 26.  A tribute to Laura.

Comments on the impactful job of being a mother and wife after Teresa Heinz Kerry criticized Laura Bush for not having "a real job".


Oct 20.  First Lady Guarantees Hispanics Will Do Well with Bush.

I hope that the Hispanic community keeps President Bush in mind because he shares their values, the family, religion and military services values,” said Laura Bush during an interview in the White House’s Map Room.




May 15.   President Remarks at Hispanic Prayer Breakfast.

White House. Remarks by the president at the Hispanic Prayer Breakfast (in English and Spanish)


March 5. Bush's White House speaks fluent Latino.

Seattle Times. Supposedly, no less a heavyweight than presidential adviser Karl Rove orchestrates White House efforts to win over Latino voters.




Oct 9. President Hosts White House Event For Hispanic Heritage Month.

White House. Remarks by the President at White House Reception for Hispanic Heritage Month.


Oct 3.  Remarks by the President to Hispanic Leaders.

White House: Remarks by the president at a meeting in the White House with Republican Hispanic candidates from across the nation.


April 19. Battle Emerges Over Latino Votes.

Washington Post: Bush's popularity with Hispanics could affect November elections.


May 16.  President Addresses National Hispanic Prayer Breakfast.

Remarks by the President at National Hispanic Prayer Breakfast

Capital Hilton.


Jan 6.  President's agenda lauded by Latinos.

Orange County Register: Town-hall meeting sponsored by Hispanic groups is a hit with local entrepreneurs.




May 14.  Bush plans 2004 wedding with Hispanics.

Christina Science Monitor: Leaders of the African-American community fondly called Bill Clinton

America's "first black president." Now, his successor in the Oval Office seems intent on becoming the first Latino one.