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Last modified: September 2009

These are news articles and editorials on issues related to Hispanics appointed to serve at the national or state level.



Oct 31. U.S. Treasurer is a Real Inspiration.

Yakima Herald: Treasurer Proves Dreams Are Within Students' Grasp.


Sept 27. Partisanship powers Hispanic Caucus.

Dallas Morning News: Congressional group turns on judicial candidate.


Sept 26.  Will a "Hispanic Clarence Thomas" face a Senate star chamber?

Wall Street Journal Editorial on Miguel Estrada's nomination.


Sept 26. Cantwell urged to approve Hispanic judicial nominee.

Joint press release of the WRNHA and the Washington State Republican Party urging Senator Maria Cantwell to approve the nomination of Miguel Estrada in the Senate Judiciary committee.


Sept 24.  Nominee for Court Faces Two Battles.

Washington Post: Article covers several viewpoints on Miguel Estrada nomination.


Sept 24.  Senator Hatch comments regarding Hispanics and the D.C. Court of Appeals.

Senator Hatch critical of a hearing on the balance of the D.C. Court of Appeals two days before Miguel Estrada is scheduled to testify regarding his appointment to that court.


July 16.  Hector Barreto.

Washington Post: Profile on Hector Barreto published in the Washington Post, and opportunities to meet him in his visit to Washington State.


May 24.  The Estrada Gambit.

Wall Street Journal Editorial critical of Senator Patrick Lehay handling of Miguel Estrada nomination to the D.C. Court of appeals.


March 18.  Al Gonzalez could be the next supreme court justice.

USA Today article on Al Gonzalez and his potential to be appointed to the US Supreme Court.


February 28.  Idaho Republican Governor appoints first Hispanic to appellate bench.

Spokane Review: Judge Sergio Guitierrez became the first Hispanic and Gov. Dirk Kempthorne's first appointment to the state's appellate bench.




 Dec 13. While Caracas Burns.

Wall Street Journal Editorial. Sen. Dodd's petulance threatens national security.


Dec 11.  Hispanic Judges.

Dallas Morning News: Bush should get chance to seat his choices


Nov 27.  Judicial Profiling.

Wall Street Journal: Mr. Estrada is being sidelined because he is a keen legal mind who happens to be Hispanic and therefore might someday become the first Hispanic member of the U.S. Supreme Court. Welcome to the world of judicial profiling.


Aug 16.  First foreign born (Mexican) sworn as 41st US Treasurer.

Rosario Marin was sworn in today as the 41st U.S. Treasurer by Treasury Secretary Paul H. O'Neill. She was confirmed by the Senate on Aug. 3, 2001.


Aug 1.  Mr. Garza Goes to Washington.

Yakima Herald-Republic: Dan Garza, a Toppenish city councilman, a leader in President Bush's state campaign and a state liquor agent, has been named Hispanic media coordinator for the U.S. Department of Interior in Washington, D.C.


July 9.  The Liberal Hacienda.

Wall Street Journal: Here's today's political diversity quiz: When is an Hispanic-American not really Hispanic?

Answer: When he's one of President Bush's potential nominees to the U.S. Supreme Court.