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The WRNHA seeks to resolve these key issues that affect the Hispanic community.

A topic that is sure to encourage debate, where do you stand on this issue and in what direction do we as a nation need to be?

We at the WRNHA believe that immigration reform must be comprehensive and cover these major areas:

1. Safe and Secure Borders

2. Enforceable Laws and Enforcement of the Laws

3. A real guest worker program, meeting needs of employers and Positive Identification.

Focus on the issues and everything else falls into place.

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Resolve the immigration in a comprehensive and humane manner and the next issue is education. Control of education issues such as English only or bilingual approach is a local decision to be discussed and decided by your local school board.

We at the WRNHA have supported a state version of the Dream Act.

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With a real guest worker program in place, those who wish to simply work here can. Those who wish to be citizens must follow the law. Opportunity is a two way street, with it comes responsibility.

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